Wood Prints

Canadian BirchWood at its Best!!! Our process starts with the selection of the best wood panels to use for your printing made by experts.

We love Wood Prints

We print directly over the wood using state of the art equipments in super high resolution, making your pictures look unique and glorious.

Our inks get inside the slightly sanded first layer of the wood panel ply, bonding together like magic, resulting in a marvelous look just like if it had come like that from our mother nature.


Select your preferred print size and get your pricing.

Select the desired size for your Wood Print

Inches Cms.




This window shows you the layout that you choose according to the sizes specified by you.

0 x 0 inches = CAD$ 0.00 + HST

Choose the type of background that you want to see behind your picture:

Wood Prints

Now select your finish

Choose the colour of the penetrating stain for your frame

Wood Prints


Dark Walmut

Classic Black Gloss

English Chestnut


About the mounting Frame...

* Back view of the printed panel wood to show the wood frame. This side goes to the wall for hanging.

We add a 1.4” wood frame at the back of the printed wood panel as a frame, it has an extremelly nice finish and comes with the hanging wire, ready to hang your framed picture onto your wall. This wood frame is the one that we add the penetrating stain to give it a unique look.

It’s included with the
Wood Print

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