PlexiGlass/Acrylic Prints

A fine art printing process that allows your photos to bond onto Plexiglass/Acrylic and deliver the best quality ever.

We prepare the substrate with adhesion promoters before printing directly over the back side of the 4.5mm (3/16) Plexi/Acrylic board, allowing our inks to have the best adhesion ever.

Our Inks, recently reformulated to give you vibrant colours and better adhesion, works like a charm with these substrates offering a wide format fine art print with photographic quality minimizing possible scratches and allowing our ink to give colourful prints, impressive shining and durability.


Select your preferred print size and get your pricing.

Select the desired size for your Acrylic Print

Inches Cms.




This window shows you the layout that you choose according to the sizes specified by you.

0 x 0 inches = CAD$ 0.00 + HST

Choose the hanging option for your Plexi/Acrylic Prints

Plexi/Acrylic Prints


0.5" SMALL Standoffs
Set of 4/1
CAD$22 Additional

0.74” MEDIUM Standoffs
Set of 4/1
CAD$22 Additional

0.62” LARGE Standoffs
Set of 4/1
CAD$38 Additional

0.99” XL Standoffs
Set of 4/1
CAD$26 Additional

With the best Stainless Steel Stand-Offs, your Aluminum prints will be off from the wall by .59”, .79“ or .98” (you get to choose) giving your photo and the wall a distinctive look.

Float Mounts

1/2” U-Channel
CAD$40.00 Additional

1” U-Channel
CAD$45.00 Additional

With our U-Chanels bars, your Plexi/Acrylic print will be off from the wall by 1” or 1/2” deep (you get to choose) giving your photo and the wall a unique look. For the process, we use a 3mm Sintra on the back side of the print and then we add an inset Box of U chanels on top of the 3mm sintra, with at least 3 inches from the edges.

This type of mounting avoids the print to suffer from any scratch that can be done with the float mount

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